• CRM Integration Services
    LimeLight - Konnektive - Triangle
    Conceptol integrate and manage Limelight/Konnektive CRM to help you
    improve your customer experience, boost up your conversions and grow your revenue.
  • Online Digital Solutions
    Deliberate - Opportunist - Synchronized
    Enabling brand to address target audience, create awareness, educate, make loyalty a need.
    All in all, make its presence felt through effective communication.
  • Hiring Solutions
    Conceptol's Hiring Solution eliminates recruitment bottle necks
    - Turn around time Minimaztion, - Pre Back Ground checked candidates, - Certified Skills sets

Our Mission & Vision

To innovate new dimensions of excellence in corporate staffing and strategic branding with a list of fully satisfied global clientele.

We envision ourselves to be the industry leader in building an environment where our clients realize the true potential of their workforce and utilize it in achieving their business goals.

Why US?

Our Values

Conceptol focuses on providing its clients with the best services while maintaining its core values. Our key values consist of:

  • Integrity – We are committed to serve our clients with honesty and morality.
  • Transparency - We believe in developing a relationship with our clients where nothing is hidden to anyone and mutual understanding is procured.
  • Reliability - We are constantly working on attaining the new heights of trustworthiness so that clients can rely upon us.
  • Accountability - We practice of taking the responsibility of our actions and their consequences.
  • Consistency - We maintain the high quality of our services and try our best to take it only upwards.
  • Customer Centricity - We adhere to the belief that customer is king and work accordingly to serve them with our 100%.
  • Learning while growing - Learning is a never ending process. With each project and each client we are always set to learn new things.
  • 150 Happy Clients
  • 7 Year Experience
  • 11 Awards Won
  • 170 Projects Done

We are different

We, at Conceptol, are providing one stop solution to all your staffing and branding needs. This way we are able to help you in two different aspects of your business. We are aware of the fact that an asset can be a great contributor in conquering the new milestones of success and surely understand the need of brand uplifting in current scenario of cut-throat competition. This is why we are at the rescue of our clients by providing them the most feasible solutions to their problems.

What People Says

Create Resonance

Professional activities to help targeting the right audience and make them see your brand.

Engage & Build Trust

Cultivate long-term relationship with target audience to maximize their chances of conversion.

Augment Brand Worth

Bridge the gap between customer and brand increasing the perceived and real brand value.

What We offer?

As a Staffing Consultant we reduce the administrative burden on our client organizations by providing them all types of HR solutions. This way they can focus on the core business processes in order to reach the new heights. Our HR Staffing services consist of, but not limited to, following services:

As a Branding Solutions Provider we offer the most efficient and powerful branding services to the brands so that they can shine in the internet world and grab more and more success. Our core competencies include:

As an outsourcing partner, conceptol offers a multidisciplinary outsourcing service to its clients for garnering higher business values. We deliver highly industrialized, cost-effective and up to the industry- standard outsourced services underpinned by robust SLAs along with a mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore resources to help you redefine and revolutionize your capabilities and produce in-line results with business demands.

Conceptol always works towards reshaping the business of our clients to be more competitive and ensures greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation. You can rely on us for the intrinsic services to managing your business as we employ next-generation technologies to help you set new business goals to achieve in future. Our multidisciplinary outsourcing service consists of:

Head Office:

10 GlenLake Parkway Suite 130 Atlanta, GA 30328

Corp. Office 6801 Sanger Avenue, Suite 217, Waco, TX 76710