Conceptol Training Academy

Our Vision: To become the most favored contributor of learning and development across businesses, across the world.

Training is a learning process. We learn new things everyday and in the process unlearn a few that were learnt in the past. At Conceptol Training Academy (ITA), we engage in human capital training and development. We impart high quality learning solutions to various companies, students, and professionals.

At ITA, we improve performance and allow people to excel in their career. ITA gives training with the help of latest know-how and infuses people with the right skill set and knowledge.

The lessons are designed in such a manner as to allow learners increase their knowledge and employability chances in today’s cut throat competition.

Training Programs

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Skills
  • Language (English) Development

Why Conceptol Training Academy

  • It is a Leader in RPO training
  • It has a World Class Infrastructure
  • It also provides Placement Support
  • It possess Qualified Trainers
  • It caters to a small batch size for personal concentration
  • It provides special course material prepared in consultation with experts
  • It also fabricate in-House recruitment opportunities

To know more, click at the links shared below.

1) Course in RPO
2) Course in BPO
3) Course in Business Skills
4) Course in Language Enhancement

Head Office:

10 GlenLake Parkway Suite 130 Atlanta, GA 30328

Corp. Office 6801 Sanger Avenue, Suite 217, Waco, TX 76710