Inside Sales

Inside sales refer to the sales done remotely. In today’s era, the majority of sales are done remotely. Web conferencing tools are widely used in business communication today.

At Conceptol Consulting, we provide sales and marketing related services to US-based clients. Our sales team facilitates clients in converting the leads into permanent customers. We offer new technologies and sell these services globally. By nurturing these leads, we try our best in converting them into customers.

Inside sales influence the buying behavior more than a field sales person. With inside sales, one need not only sell a product but will also have to be a representative. Many people think of inside sales as pitching clients but, it’s not. It is said that self confidence is the major ingredient to success in sales. Therefore our sales personnel are known for being diligent in answering customer calls. The main rationale of our sales personnel is to deliver a consistent message, which matches the branding of the firm they are representing.

We at Conceptol Consulting, help in developing and identifying relationships, which initiates business opportunities for new businesses. In order to retain a high volume of regular sales calls, the organizations and individuals associated with our group have consistently believed in us.

We at Conceptol Consulting also help in identifying the person who will make decisions regarding services and the products. It’s therefore our very important endeavor to cultivate a relationship with clients through telephone or emails.

Conceptol Consulting assists in initiating the regular follow-up contact in a way to develop expertise in the perspective environment and decision making capacity. By conducting research and engaging in networking, we identify the target lists.

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