Any telecom (landline and wireless), Internet, cable, satellite, and managed services businesses – and rival providers – seem to move at High broadband speed. With customer’s one click from switching to the competition, the market demands a positive experience each time consumers touch the brand.

We understand this importance, and have the resources to build and maintain a competitive advantage in this industry. We enable consumers to use the Internet, mobile devices and telephones to reach a technical and dynamic customer Experience. The result is fast, efficient and cost-effective sales and service resolution and satisfied loyal customers.

Why should you consider Conceptol?

  • 24*7*365 Customer-care : That providesCustomer care, billing support, repair/technical support, and retention/save services.
  • Customer Acquisition : Closing the sale when the competition is only a click away, Account enrollment and retention
  • Cross-sell, Upsell & Loyalty : Proactive communications for fee-based products, incentive offers and customer satisfaction contacts deliver a superior customer experience that builds brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

We efficiently address customer inquiries and serve every aspect and touch point of the customer lifecycle… Leaving them satisfied and loyal.

Head Office:

10 GlenLake Parkway Suite 130 Atlanta, GA 30328

Corp. Office 6801 Sanger Avenue, Suite 217, Waco, TX 76710