Ecommerce, Retail& CPG

The Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry faces a demanding market with many growing expectations, evolving trends, and shifting buying behaviors. As consumption patterns change, the industry as a whole is constantly trying to find opportunities for growth by reaching out to the new-markets by innovating to meet local demands. A confluence of market forces has created an extremely difficult climate for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers to grapple with, such as:

  • Deflationary operating environments
  • Greater market complexity
  • Shorter product life cycles
  • Narrow profit margins
  • More astute but less loyal consumers
  • Increased alternative sales channels
  • A global consumer market place
  • Growing competitive pressures

Today retailers and CPG companies are compelled to be where their customers are with the help of innovative strategies, advanced technologies and operations excellence. We are focused on providing a holistic support to the Retail, CPG and e-commerce industry, while helping the industry players keep the Operational costs low, expand customer base and drive revenue growth.

Why should you consider Conceptol?

  • 360°Degree Understanding & Industry Experience
  • NextGen Customer Service Portfolio
  • Integrated Multi Channel Support Architecture
  • Digital Transformation & Branding expertise
  • Research & Analytics – Customer Service and Operations Analysis

As a Responsive STRATGIC PARTNER webelieve that a differentiated and top-notch customer service goes much beyond the individual transaction and leads to a long-lasting customer relationship and brand advocacy.

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