Food & Restaurants

In today’s fast paced world more and more consumers are ordering in as way to save time while enjoying a satisfying meal. A customer calls into your restaurant to place a take-out or delivery order,.It is of the utmost importance that you complete their order quickly and accurately.

To satisfy the growing number of customers looking for takeout, more restaurant companies are turning to outsource their customer service needs to gain efficiencies and improve service levels.

Why should you Consider Conceptol?

  • Reduced order error rates of up to 50% resulting in decreased food costs and increased revenue
  • Increase of 15% in average order size on all checks through cross-sell and up-sell promotions
  • Increase in quality and consistency of ordering at store locations, resulting in fewer guest complaints and increased satisfaction.

A lot Restaurant and food chains have experienced the following since implementing their outsourcing program.

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