Back Office Support

We offer a wide range of back office services that helps Enterprises work more efficiently and cut down their operational costs up to 32%. Through integrated systems, processes and automated work flows, our back office services enable economic and efficient performance of back office operations, while aiding informed decisions-making, better inter departmental coordination, and superior customer service.

Out team knows that balancing customer facing activities with non-customer facing functions can be difficult. Management of complete back office solutions extends our role of helping clients manage essential tasks that are repetitive in nature – but critical to exceeding target efficiency levels.

Why should you consider Conceptol?

Driving in higher speed, accuracy, transparency, and performance, our NextGen service delivery platform enables organizations efficiently meet their back-office goals and compliance requirements.Our Expertise Include:

  • Payment Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Transaction Processing
  • Back Office RCM
    • Scheduling
    • Eligibility & Verification
    • Preauthorization
    • Provider Credentialing
    • Claim Creation
    • Coding
    • Claim Submission
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Claim Payment Management
    • Claim Denial Management
  • HRO
    • Manpower Planning
    • Sourcing and Screening
    • Interview Scheduling
    • Offer Management
    • Pre / Post Employment Verification
  • Data Processing
    • Data Entry
    • Data Assembling
    • Data Validation
    • Data Classification
    • Data Summarization
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Reporting

Besides value-added services, such as analytics and business intelligence, we create a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients through faster turnaround time, round-the-clock greater business outcomes.

Head Office:

10 GlenLake Parkway Suite 130 Atlanta, GA 30328

Corp. Office 6801 Sanger Avenue, Suite 217, Waco, TX 76710