Call Center Services

Call Center Services

We deliver multi-channel customer service experience, these include phone interactions, web communications (Live Chat & Social Media) and Email management.With an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business context and customer expectations, we engineer a world-class customer experience that helps entice and retain customers.

Backed by our global contact center expertise, skilled professionals, and intelligent response mechanisms, our customer service portfolio maximize business outcomes through effective handling of customer inquiries, optimized revenue opportunities and upgraded key performance metrics.

Why should you consider Conceptol?

  • Every customer contact is engaged around the clock 24x7x365.
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-channel Support
  • Integrated Global Delivery Model ( Onshore, Offshore and Hybrid)
  • Integrated Customer Service Experience Management
  • Increased first call resolution and service efficiencies.
  • Integrated and standardized processes to eliminate redundancy and decreased operating costs.
  • Integrated Service Delivery Model to Provide Consistent, Speedy and Customized Services
  • Integrated QMS with built-in Feedback Mechanism, Analytics & Reporting System
  • State-of-the-art Contact Center Platform, Equipped with Intelligent Systems and Tools
  • Extensive Experience across a Wide Variety of Industries

Our unique capability to right channel customer interactions and efficiently handle them, results into improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand advocacy and significant cost savings for clients competing in challenging and highly competitive market sectors, our innovative customer management solutions provide premier service, reduced turnover and migration, and improved bottom line performance.

Head Office:

10 GlenLake Parkway Suite 130 Atlanta, GA 30328

Corp. Office 6801 Sanger Avenue, Suite 217, Waco, TX 76710