Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Program Development

Developing an Affiliate Marketing plan and running won’t get you the results you want for a long time. If you’re looking to grow your business and keep the growth constant you would need constant monitoring of your affiliate programs. Conceptol’s Affiliate marketing management experts will help you:

1- Find affiliates from segments and markets that match with your brand’s segment

2- Constantly monitor affiliate performance to optimize affiliate channels to get you maximum returns with improved and steady Return On Investments

3- Formulate and Implement growth strategies that match and justify the brand experience

4- Make sure you always work with the right affiliates

Affiliate Marketing

Google, Facebook, & Twitter Ads are comparatively more expensive and don’t provide the expected results always. Affiliate marketing is what can get you the customers and the insights you’re looking for and since you pay for only what you get, your ROI becomes higher. With Conceptol as your partner, you will be able to find the affiliates who can give you the results you want and use the latest tools to track their performance to formulate and develop more effective affiliate programs.

Media Buying

The more ads placed in the right place, the more customers you get. Conceptol will get your ads placed at the places where they get clicked. With a strong network consisting of influencers and high traffic websites, we will make sure you get the traffic you’re looking for at the right price.

When it comes to media buying we follow these three important aspects of media buying:

1- Network: Getting the right ad place isn’t an easy task unless you know the right people. We use our relationship with important channel owners to get you the right and best places to place your ad.

2- Investigation: With a team dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends we know which is the best place to place your ads. Our team keeps up with all the latest media platforms and target marketplaces to give you a seamless and an effective media buying experience.

3- Negotiation: We don’t just buy you the right media places, we get them for you at the right places to keep your ROIs high.